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Niagara Falls in a Barrel T-Shirt
This cute t-shirt has a person in a barrel going over the falls with "on second thought" written in a thought bubble. (CU)
Canada Adidas Style Long Sleeve Black Shirt
This long sleeve shirt has Canada written down the sleeve with an Adidas style logo (30)
Canadian Wildlife T-Shirt
This grey t-shirt has a wolf, moose, bear, and maple leaf on it with Canada written down the side. Niagara Falls is written on the bottom of the shirt. (15m-001/30)
Evolution of a Canadian T-Shirt
Black t-shirt with silhouetted figures showing the evolution of the average Canadian. (CU)
Reflective T-Shirt with Niagara Falls/ Canada
Black t-shirt with reflective decal on front. Design on front says Niagara Falls/Canada (15/62295-62298)
Moose Butt T-Shirt
White t-shirt with picture of moose head on front and butt on back. (CU)
Canada, Eh! T-Shirt
White t-shirt with the famous Canadian expression "Canada Eh!" on the front. (CU)
Burnt out T-Shirt with Studded Maple Leaf
Ladies' fitted Canada flag t-shirt in purposely burnt out/faded colours. Maple leaf is studded and it says Niagara Falls along the side. (15/61363-61366)
Canada Moose T-Shirt
Blue shirt with Canada written in white block letters and a moose print on front. (30/M1008)
Half Waving/Fading Flag T-Shirt
Navy blue t-shirt with a fading Canadian flag and Canada, Niagara Falls written on it.(30)
Canada Word Flag T-Shirt
Black t-shirt with "Canada" written on it multiple times to form a Canadian flag with our patriotic colours. (CU)
Niagara Falls Waterfall US/Canada Flag T-Shirt
Men's grey t-shirt with the U.S. and Canadian Flags on the front with the Niagara Falls in the background. (30)
Niagara Falls/Canada Waterfall Scene T-Shirt
This t-shirt has a beautiful picture of the falls on it which wraps around with Niagara Falls and Canada written on it. (30)
Niagara Falls Rhinestone T-Shirt
This fitted t-shirt has Niagara Falls written out in rhinestones. Available in two colours. (15/TS-61250-61273)
Niagara Falls T-Shirt with Maple Leaves
This t-shirt has Niagara Falls, Canada written on it with small maple leaves around the words 28/At-01
Masked Moose T-Shirt
This t-shirt is red with a moose on it and Niagara Falls written underneath the moose. (30)
Ladies Full Zip Canada Sweatshirt
This full zip red sweatshirt has Canada written across the front of the sweatshirt. 28/LPH-01
Full Zip Black Canada Hoodie
This black sweatshirt is full zip with a hood. Canada is written in red with Niagara Falls underneath. (30)
Ladies Blue Full Zip Hoodie with Polar Bear Sweatshirt
This light blue ladies sweatshirt is a full zip hoodie with a polar bear image and Canada written on it. (11)
Canada/ Niagara Falls White Hoodie Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt is a full zip with a hood and has Canada written on chest in big letters with Niagara Falls written in smaller text below it. (11)
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